NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WKBN) — Come November, Newton Falls residents will have a decision to make about recall elections. An issue will be put on a ballet that sets a time limit for people to gather signatures to avoid problems that they’ve dealt with in the past.

Wednesday night, Newton Falls City Council passed an amendment to put an issue on the ballot. It would say that anyone wishing to recall a council person has 90 days to get the required signatures.

“If they were trying to recall the councilwoman at large, which they’re not, but if they were, they would need the entire village. They could get it from the entire village. If they wanted it from the first ward or second, third, fourth, it would have to be from that individual ward,” said Julie Lemon.

Lemon is part of the charter review committee for the city. They review Newton Falls’ charter and make suggestions to city council to make changes. This was one of the changes.

“We went through this last year with the recall movement for former councilwoman Breymaier, for the fourth ward. The removal and the recall process itself actually ended up hindering the business of the community,” said Lemon.

Anyone wishing to make a recall still needs 51 percent of signatures. If that is met within the 90 days, then it would go to a vote.

“It would go to the next primary or general {election} available. So long as they meet the deadlines set by the Board of Elections,” said Lemon.

Some of the other things that Newton Falls residents will see on the ballot are whether or not to remove the residency requirement for the city manager, the requirement for the mayor or a council person to sponsor ordinances and resolutions and to give the mayor authority to implement and supervise the enforcement of health directives.