NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WKBN) – Investigators with the Newton Falls Police Department are looking for help identifying a man they say is involved in an incident.

Police say on Jan. 1, a man entered at least 10 vehicles in the area of Warren Road and Washington Avenue and stole a truck.

“There was a subject breaking into cars on Washington, and the truck had actually went down to the end of the street, which is a dead-end street, turned around and backed into a parked vehicle. They were able to get a description of the truck as a blue Chevy pickup truck with a blue cap on it,” said Patrolman John Barco.

Police say the truck the suspect used to get around and rummage through the vehicles was stolen from a home on Warren Road. It was recovered on Route 5.

“An elderly gentleman had it parked in the front yard, which he thought it was not working because it was having engine problems. He left the keys in the ignition,” Barco said.

Surveillance video has been released showing the man, and while the video is not clear, many times a person is recognizable by other features other than facial such as how they walk, clothing, etc.

“The video is not very clear to help us, but we’re hoping somebody in the public can help us out,” Barco said.

Besides $50 that was missing from that truck, investigators say it doesn’t appear much was taken from the other vehicles.

Anyone with information is asked to call 330-872-5757 and use option 1.