Newly-elected Youngstown School Board member decides to step down

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Barbara Brothers said some board members are playing the blame game and she no longer wants to be among them

The latest state report cards give the Youngstown City Schools district an "F" for the fourth straight year, which now allows for an appointed Board of Education -- even while a public election for board members is weeks away.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A newly-elected member of the Youngstown City School Board said she will not become a member after all.

Barbara Brothers sent a letter to Youngstown Schools CEO Justin Jennings and School Board President Brenda Kimble explaining why.

READ: Barbara Brothers’ entire letter

In the letter, Brothers says she believes the school board has always had a significant role in the success of the schools in educating children.

She goes on to say certain community leaders and current board members believe the only way to help the schools succeed is by wrestling all of the control from the Academic Distress Commission.

Brothers says some current board members are playing the blame game, saying the district’s failings are not the fault of the board, but the Academic Distress Commission, CEO and teachers. She says others want to blame parents.

“Neither the board or their community supporters question the system itself and, therefore, they do not provide leadership in how to address the needs of our students to improve their education and quality of life.”

She ends her letter by saying there must be positive leadership if they are to save Youngstown City Schools.

The school board will have to choose someone to be appointed to the vacancy. It will doublecheck the timeline to make that selection.

“We have so many days and if we don’t do it in a certain amount of time, then it will go to probate court and the probate court judge will select that person,” Kimble said.

Kimble wants to see how the entire board feels about accepting applications or nominations for the position before it makes a selection.

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