New York Times photographer takes aerial shot of laid-off GM Lordstown workers

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A photographer for the New York Times has been in town over the past couple of months, following the shutdown of the General Motors Lordstown plant. For one of her shots, she asked members of the UAW Local 1112 to come to the union hall and form a circle around the front of the building.

She flew a helicopter overhead on Thursday to get the shot and plans to have it become the cover of New York Times Magazine.

The photographer, Letoya Ruby Frazier, made five passes in the chopper as Lordstown employees stood holding Drive It Home signs, union flags and gold balloons spelling out UAW 1112.

PHOTOS: UAW members New York Times photo op

“She’s based out of Chicago and she comes in at least once or twice a week,” said Local UAW 1112 Vice President Tim O’Hara.

Union Shop Chairman Dan Morgan has been impressed with the coverage the New York Times has given the Lordstown plant.

A video crew from the media company has also been following the story, which will be documented on an upcoming new series on FX and Hulu called “The Weekly.”

“They’ve been involved here for months now, you know, calling people, sitting down, doing interviews at their houses, having people come to the union hall, catching great pictures with great emotion. It’s been something spectacular,” Morgan said.

Along with taking pictures over the union hall, the helicopter also did a couple of passes over the plant itself, taking pictures.

Local 1112 members are still getting together, even after they’ve been forced to stop working, to do their best to keep the plant open.

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