YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Mahoning County’s Dog Warden is adding a few more employees, including a new full-time Deputy to help pick up strays and investigate abuse cases.

Two of the employees will work as kennel canvassers who keep an eye on the dogs being housed at the pound. Warden Dianne Fry said the facility has been averaging between 60 and 80 animals at any one time.

“We had four or five leave one day, between two rescues, which was great, and by 9:30 the next morning, we had four more come in,” Fry said.

When the dog warden’s office opened its newer facility five years ago, it replaced a pound that was holding twice as many animals as it was built to hold. But with close to 80 dogs at the current facility, Fry admits things are starting to get tight there, too.

Agents with Animal Charity of Ohio are in the same situation with more than 150 cats and 65 dogs at its facilities.

“It is nationwide. It’s certainly statewide, but you hear it everywhere,” Fry said.

While officials urge the community to consider adopting dogs, that increasingly are been abandoned and turned over to the pound, Fry says the department depends on pet owners to pay their yearly licensing fees.

“We are primarily a self-funded department so it’s important. That’s how we pay for staffing. That’s how we pay for our electric. That’s how we pay for our vans,” Fry said.

And deal with a problem that only seems to be getting worse.