LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) — A golf outing for a great cause: The New Waterford Fire Department held its annual event Sunday at Beaver Creek Meadows Golf Course to raise money for new equipment.

The New Waterford department was just one of many that stepped in to help East Palestine after the Feb. 3 train derailment. While serving two communities at the same time, some equipment was lost and damaged.

“This will help us get back there. We did have to put some of our equipment out of
service because of the train derailment,” said Jerrica Hoyt, an EMT with the department.

Hoyt said after the derailment, her department assisted East Palestine with EMS and fire calls. all while tending to their own community.

“Our whole entire fire department came together as one. We were at our fire station for over 24 hours, all together, going where we were needed,” Hoyt said.

Hoyt said all of the department’s gear had to be replaced following the derailment.

“Our personal fire gear that we wear when we go into fires was all contaminated with the train derailment,” Hoyt said.

Hoyt said fundraisers like this one mean the volunteer fire station has enough money to keep running.

“This helps make sure that we can serve our community, have those shifts [covered] and make sure that we always have somebody when they need help,” Hoyt said.

Hoyt said she and others at the fire department would like the community to continue to support them at their future events.

They have a gun bash this September where people’s presence would be appreciated.