YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As development continues along the Glenwood Avenue corridor in Youngstown, a new Quickmed healthcare facility is now open.

CEO Lena Esmail said this is the corporation’s 10th stand-alone location to go along with 10 others operating inside local schools in the area, offering non-emergency services, especially for those living nearby who don’t have easy access to transportation.

“People can’t just hop in the car sometimes and head up to Boardman or head down to Liberty, so that means injuries, illnesses are getting delayed or not getting treated at all,” Esmail said.

Directors say they realized that with no immediate or urgent care facilities operating inside city limits, more people were forced to emergency rooms for non-emergency medical issues.

“If they go to emergency, they have to wait a while, and if they don’t have transportation, that makes it even harder,” said Marguerite Douglas, a Youngstown resident.

While this location will eventually be open seven days a week, Esmail said work continues to open new locations in downtown Youngstown — inside the old Silver’s Vogue Shop — and in Salem.

“We’re an applicant for the Appalachian Community Grant, so assuming we receive some grant funding for that, it’s going to expedite that process,” she said.

In the meantime, directors hope this new facility will serve a need in the city.

“Just having access to care, no matter what it may be — pediatrics, primary care, but urgent care in particular — really helps a lot of the Valley’s issues right now,” said Amber Bodrick, who works for Quickmed.