WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s a project several years in the making but Monday, the Trumbull County Engineer’s Office proudly showed off its new truck wash. It says the truck wash will do more than just save the county money and keep its vehicles on the road longer.

The brand new, fully-automated truck wash now sits on a diagonal behind the Trumbull County Engineer’s Office. It was finished just in time for winter.

“Because of the severe elements in Northeast Ohio, this is really going to serve a tremendous purpose,” said Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith.

It took about four years to get to this point. The project cost roughly $1.6 million, along with a $500,000 loan from a local government innovation fund.

The truck wash will be available for use by any government entity or school district in Trumbull County.

“We had several different school districts commit,” Smith said. “That’s how we’re going to retire the debt for the facility.”

“It’s going to work out for everyone,” said Michael Wasser, executive director of business operations for the Warren City School District.

He said it’s difficult and can be expensive to keep the district’s 30-bus fleet clean, especially during the winter months. But the schools will save money with the price-per-vehicle-washed, quoted by the engineer’s office.

“They’re talking $16 and $18 when you’re paying $25, $30 to get something washed,” Wasser said. “It’s going to save quite a bit of money. We’re real happy with this.”

“With the cost of vehicles today, some of our plow trucks cost in excess of $250,000,” Smith said. “This is just an opportunity where we’re going to be able to extend the life of the frames, the bodies, things of that nature.”