NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WKBN) – Another asset to help people get jobs has come to Northeast Ohio, and it is to help the trucking industry as it faces a driver shortage.

Northeast Ohio Truck Driver Training School Manager Larry Braham says he worked for TDDS for 33 years until it shut down.

So, he got together with his colleagues and one of the owners of Encore Express, Bob Garwood, and they decided to open up their own school.

They say that came together at a critical time since the need for drivers is so extreme.

“The demand for truck drivers is overwhelming right now,” Braham said. “You can’t get enough, and it’s even hard to talk people into coming to drive. It’s hard to get people moving right now.”

The training school is in North Jackson, and they are in the process of starting a CDL testing site in Lake Milton.

Garwood said not everyone realizes the importance of truck drivers. They help provide for the needs of the community in more ways than one, he said.

“Everything that you see and touch every day got there by a truck, everything, so the need is going to just keep growing and growing,” he said.

These are five-week courses, and the school offers both student and instructor classes.

The school has even partnered with Ohio Means Jobs to help people get into the class and pay for them to take the course.

If you would like to take it, you can call 330-538-7108.