New technology helps reduce dog attacks on postal workers

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Generic mail truck – United States Postal Service

OHIO (WKBN) – New tools are being used by mail carriers in northern Ohio to prevent dog attacks.

According to the United States Postal Service, there were 163 dog attacks in northern Ohio last year. These included 50 attacks in Cleveland, 17 in Youngstown, 13 attacks each in Akron and Toledo, nine in Canton and two in Niles.

In one attack in Youngstown, a postal worker was bitten several times by two dogs while delivering mail on North Garland Avenue in July. The postal worker was taken to the hospital for wounds on his forearm.

USPS Safety Director Linda DeCarlo says new technology is helping to reduce these numbers. Things like mobile delivery devices, which are handheld scanners that have features to let mail carriers know if a dog is on the premises.

3D printed postcards use the latest printing technology to inform homeowners if their pets pose a risk.

There is also an interactive map that postal workers can use to determine where dog attacks happened in 2018.

For more information, watch USPS TV’s video clip on dog bite prevention.

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