New students move into Youngstown State University dorms

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The annual tradition means that the start of the fall semester is just days away

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Thursday was move-in day for the fresh Penguins at Youngstown State University.

First-year students and their parents were bringing in dorm supplies into Lyden House and Cafaro House.

Danielle Adair, a move-in volunteer at YSU, said she has been seeing students come in from several states.

“We have people coming from all different areas — Texas, Virginia, Pittsburgh, we also saw some from Chicago,” said Adair.

YSU freshman Fiona Maclay moved in Thursday from Erie, Pennsylvania. Maclay explained her first reaction when arriving on campus.

“A little nervous because, it’s like I’m also really excited to start my life, so excited to start this new chapter, but also kind of nervous to leave my family behind,” said Maclay.

Maclay said she’s especially looking forward to her music classes.

“I’m really excited to do music everyday because I’m a music major and I’m very excited for that, so the Dana School of Music is going to be really cool because I have music classes all the time,” Maclay said.

Anthony Nakley, a senior at YSU, said he wanted to volunteer for move-in day to show campus community support.

“Being one of the first faces these freshmen see on campus, to know that your upperclassmen are looking out for you and want you to have a great four years at YSU as all of us are having,” Nakley said.

Nakley recommended that upcoming students get involved on campus.

“Try new things. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to stick with it, but don’t be shy and miss out on opportunities because once those four years are gone, they’re gone,” Nakley said.

The annual tradition means that the start of the fall semester is just days away.

Welcome Week continues Friday and Saturday with events like “Puppy Palooza” and “Llama-Geddon.”

It’s all part of a special program to introduce new first-year students to campus and the surrounding areas.

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