(WKBN) – Last month President Biden announced a student loan forgiveness program and already scammers are trying to take advantage.

Student loan scams are becoming more popular and difficult to detect, especially if scammers are using your personal information to lure you in.

One that is spreading right now is a robocall scam.

You will get an automated call about pre-qualifying for the updated forgiveness program and possibly even loan discharge.

There are a few warning signs to pay attention to if you think you might be getting scammed.

The United States Department of Education says never pay an outside company for help with your federal student loans.

Your student loan officer will do this for free.

Robot dialers that call with automated voice mails most likely can’t be trusted if an organization is legit a generic message wont be used.

Scammers are likely to want you to act quickly so that you don’t have time to process or change your mind.

“Scammers use that often, a pressure tactic because they don’t want you to sit there and actually think it thru, because if you have time to think it thru you may have more opportunities to see those red flags,” said Jennifer Adamany of the Better Business Bureau.

If you are ever in doubt about any kind of communication you are receiving from somebody asking for your money don’t respond. It is better to be safe then sorry.