COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – “Train. Compete. Play.” is the mantra for the new multi-sport complex in Columbiana.

The Athletix facility uses the frontier of training technology to help develop athletic performance. Athletix has been open for two months now, and the impact its made on athletes and fitness goers is immeasurable.

“When you start working out physically that starts to sharpen your mind, provides more energy, gives you a better posture,” said Curtis Tharp of Columbiana.

Curtis Tharp decided to begin his fitness journey nine weeks ago. For him, choosing Athletix to be his training spot was a no-brainer.

“They have a great facility the people are wonderful, it’s centralized to everything, and with all that’s going on in Columbiana, I mean, it’s a good place to get in on the ground floor and really become part of this community here,” said Tharp.

Whether you are a basketball, baseball, softball, soccer player or just want to become a better athlete the Athletix training facility works to develop each athlete to their highest potential.

“We really try to leverage the best technology we could in each area to allow athletes to track their progress and understand from an objective perspective how they are getting better,” said Sean Wardle, the owner at Athletix.

“Really trying to focus on the entirety of the athlete, 360-degree approach, not just can you kick it harder, can you hit it harder,” said Wardle.

The Facility expects to grow to see around 50,000 people come through the sports complex and has possible plans to expand on a larger scale.