SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – There’s going to be a re-rack on Thornton Hall Bowling Lanes. New owners are waiting for the deal to close, then they hope to restore its glory.

Paul Vanord, of Sharon, looks across the street at Thornton Hall Bowling Lanes. He started bowling there in the ’60s and still goes twice a week.

“We got teams over there that will go to state tournaments and stuff. We enjoy ourselves,” Vanord said.

The alley is being sold to RB&G, which is run by two people familiar with Sharon, Rick Kennett and George Farneth. They own another bowling alley in West Virginia and will keep the bowling business at Thornton Hall, 44 lanes on the second floor.

“It’s hard to go back in time, but the nostalgia of the bowling alley, I think, is very unique,” Kennett said.

“The Scott family has done a tremendous job of providing an entertainment source for the Sharon community and we wanted to continue that tradition,” Farneth said.

Besides the bowling alley, there’s a bar and hair salon. The new owners want them to stay. They want to fill in the empty places. Everyone remembers the Golden Dawn, and the new owners would like to hear ideas for the vacancies.

“This is going to be a process, Dave. We’re certainly going to take our time and listen to as many sound pieces of advice as we can get,” Farneth said.

The building has history. It is big and offers plenty of opportunity.

Vanord welcomes change as a neighbor and is glad it’s still going to stand strong.

“It’s like a piece of the family because I know the guys there and I can walk over anytime,” Vanord said.

“This building is 70 years old. Everybody knows, even the people who have moved away, know of Thornton Hall and its history. So I think it’s very good from the community,” Kennett said.

Kennett says the bowling lanes are in good shape. As soon as the sale closes, they’re ready to start making improvements.