New multi-million dollar investment making police work safer in Trumbull County

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It's already solved a major problem deputies had in rural areas of the county

HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – A new emergency dispatching system is running in Trumbull County and already, it’s making a big difference for law enforcement.

“This is probably the biggest innovation in the history of Trumbull County 911,” said Trumbull County 911 Director Ernie Cook.

The new radio system is called MARCS, which is short for Multi-Agency Radio Communications System.

Trumbull County is spending $2.4 million on the system, both to upgrade the 911 call center and to get the sheriff’s department on board.

It’s already solved a major problem deputies had in rural areas of the county, where several radio dead spots just couldn’t reach dispatch. But now, that problem is gone.

“We are the second biggest county in Ohio, so there have always been dead spots, but we haven’t had one yet,” Cook said.

Cook says that while the system is expensive, it is worth it.

Warren, Champion and Cortland are already online. More departments are eager to get on to the new digital technology.

“Another big factor is just the clarity of the signal. The old VHF and UHF signals were starting to get very noisy,” Cook said.

The county dispatch center will still run the older technology too so smaller departments don’t have to go into debt making the change too soon.

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