New HD security cameras installed all over downtown Warren

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There are now several high definition cameras in five different posts recording the City of Warren — but not for traffic. The goal behind Warren’s new security cameras is to make the city feel safer.

The county and city collaborated to get a $200,000 grant to install them. On Friday, they showed us how they will work.

“The thing I’m excited about the most is the fact that I believe with the system that is set up, we’ll be able to prosecute somebody based on the evidence,” said Warren Police Capt. Robert Massucci.

Parkman Road, Perkins Park, the corner of W. Market Street and Todd Avenue, and the log cabin downtown — they all have 360-degree views that can zoom enough to clearly identify a suspect or read a license plate. That’s something the police department hasn’t seen much of.

“A lot of the videos we’ve produced over the years…have been grainy, pixelated, so it’s really hard to prosecute somebody on that,” Massucci said.

On Friday, local leaders and business owners got a closer look at what the cameras can do. Business owners said they hope the cameras make people feel safer.

“I’ve been in business 31 years and the perception that downtown is not a safe place to come shop — well, first of all, it’s not true — but I think as people find out about these cameras, they’ll feel more comfortable and bring more traffic down here,” said Tom Crowley, owner of a jewelry shop.

“It’s been very safe,” said Mary Elston, owner of Beautiful Whirl’d. “I’ve never seen any issues or anything but if it creates a safe environment for other people to come down and customers to feel safe, I’m all for it.”

In the near future, police hope to get the money to route the video right to a mobile device for immediate response.

“Our goal at this point was to connect all of them together and to be able to receive a signal from our building to the police department versus coming out to the site itself,” Massucci said.

Only law enforcement will be able to access the footage.

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