YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Youngstown has a proud history of boxing, and a new gym is keeping the legacy going for younger generations.

The basement of the Pearl Street Mission is home to a new boxing gym called the Golden String Boxing Club.

There’s an old saying in boxing about rolling with the punches. Chase Welch, who has been boxing for four years, would agree that the expression also sums up Youngstown.

“We’ve had five world champions from a small city like Youngstown, and that says a lot, I think, to the character and work ethic to the people around here and boxing,” Welch says. “Youngstown’s about grit, determination, hard work — and that’s that’s what boxing is.”

Co-founder Sam Calderon was a professional boxer. He says he’s fought in 20 professional fights over his career.

“I want to bring kids down here from everywhere, teach them how to box,” Calderon says. “If you correlate boxing to life, you’re going to find out you have to have a lot of discipline.”

This isn’t the first time he and co-founder Tom Cordell have worked together at a boxing gym. They’ve wanted to start their own gym for years.

“[Calderon] was trained up in Massachusetts, so he got a lot of experience working with two world-class trainers with the Petronelli brothers,” Cordell says.

The pair say they also want to help talented and dedicated boxers, even if it hurts their bottom line.

“If you can’t afford the membership, we’ll try to help you out. If you get more and more experience and you want to hit the tournaments — which are very, very expensive — we’re going to provide that,” Calderon says.

Golden String is located on Pearl Street in Youngstown and is open Monday through Saturday.