YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A group of men who either live or work in the city of Youngstown have formed a group to stress the importance of fatherhood.

It’s called the Foundations of Fatherhood Project.

Wednesday evening, they held a program at Williamson School on the effects of prison time on the Black family.

Youngstown Schools CEO Justin Jennings, who has a brother in prison, and Youngstown native Duane Morrow, who’s retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, were on the panel.

The idea is to support Black fathers.

“We thought it was important to start bringing Black fathers back out into the community. Oftentimes, fathers show up and school when there’s a challenge with their kids, or there’s an issue or an incident. But we wanted to be able to put a program together to streamline some resources, some skills,” said Dr. Kevin Harris, Sr. with the Foundations of Fatherhood Project.

This was the third of seven sessions that the Foundations of Fatherhood Project will hold. It will end with a men’s conference. No date for that has been set.