CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – The city of Campbell has welcomed several new businesses this month and still has more to come.

Monday, the Party Shop & Greek Imports opened. It’s a convenience store that also sells Greek food and products.

Cigar Vibes opened its doors last week. It’s located on Robinson Road and is a place for people to go to smoke a cigar and unwind after a long day.

“With him down on Robinson Road, what he did there, the Party Shop, then this other gas station’s coming, I can see Campbell starting to come back to life a little bit,” said Campbell Mayor Bryan Tedesco.

Mayor Tedesco says the city will be welcoming a new gas station where the old Dominoes once was on 12th Street. The mayor says it will be great for Campbell to have a gas station so close to the center of the city.

It’s uncertain when the gas station will be built.