(WKBN) — A new prescription eye drop that could allow many to put down their readers is now on the market.

Vuity was approved by the FDA in October. It was developed to treat age-related blurry near vision. The drops are meant to be used daily and start to work in about 15 minutes.

The effects last up to six hours. The drops use the eye’s ability to reduce pupil size, which improves near vision without affecting distance vision.

Local ophthalmologist Dr. Sergul Erzurum with Eye Care Associates said it could be beneficial in certain circumstances.

“If they work effectively for you and you are going to stand up in front of people to give a talk and you don’t want to be throwing your cheaters on and off, that might be a great option for it or you’re going to a social event and you don’t want to have to put your cheaters on to look at items on an auction list. I could see that being awesome,” Dr. Erzurum said.

Officials said the most common side effects, according to the release, are headache and eye redness.