BAZETTA TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Two police agencies in Trumbull County that patrol communities surrounding Mosquito Lake were gifted with new life-saving tools in case of a water emergency.

It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, whether the water is frozen or moving freely, there is always the possibility someone could need to be rescued from Mosquito Lake.

“In the last couple of years, we’ve had officers assist over at the lake on some people falling in the water. Each time, we’ve had those officers come back and say will you please get us something in our cars so we’re not scrambling around looking,” said Cortland Police Chief David Morris.

Thanks to a generous donation from a group of eight churches in the area that make up Lakeview Outreach and Fellowship and the American Legion Post 540, each cruiser in Bazetta and Cortland is now equipped with a ResQ Disc.

“It was something the police want to be able to put in their squad cars so they can rescue people from the lake with it,” said Carole Wiley, a spokesperson for Lakeview Outreach and Fellowship.

The organizations were able to give the departments a $2,000 donation to buy 24 discs, which would allow the responding officer to toss the floatable disc out to the person in need and pull that person to safety by the attached rope.

“We know from experience. I’ve been here all my life at this lake and I’ve seen quite a few that needed somebody to rescue them,” said Earl Parthemer, post commander for American Legion Post 540.

The devices are critical for officers because Bazetta Police Chief Christopher Herlinger says officers are sometimes the first on the scene.

“If this makes a difference and saves somebody by being there first, hooray,” Herlinger said.