SEBRING, Ohio (WKBN) – Police released additional details in their investigation into the death of an unborn child.

Investigators in Sebring say a woman who was 8 weeks pregnant came to the police station on July 10 to report that she was assaulted by 21-year-old Jacob Fullerton.

“She stated that he had beaten her in the stomach, and pictures were taken,” says Prosecutor Gary Van Brocklin.

According to police reports, the victim had bruises around her left eye and nose, as well as her side. She claimed Fullerton was hitting her in the stomach and the side “while she was on the ground.”

The police immediately arrested him on domestic violence charges.

About four days later, investigators say the woman began experiencing complications from the assault and a fetal heartbeat was no longer present.

After consulting with prosecutors, a warrant for first-degree murder was issued for Fullerton.

He was booked into the Mahoning County Jail on Saturday on the murder charge. According to reports, he was taken in for a psychological evaluation before being booked into the jail. It determined that he was not a threat to himself, reports said.

“We can infer purpose from what was done, and she was punched repeatedly in the stomach,” says Van Brocklin. “And that’s why we filed the charges.”

According to the police report, when asked, the victim stated that Fullerton knew that she was pregnant because she’d taken an initial pregnancy test with him and that he’d told her to get an abortion.

Fullerton was also facing felony domestic violence and assault charges in the case.

As of Monday, he is due to appear in court Thursday morning.