YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — With America Makes and YBI in adjacent buildings downtown — Youngstown has become a focal point for 3D printing. Now a new company has formed looking to take 3D printing to the next level — building houses.

Ryan Kelly owns the Columbiana Belleria where he, along with business partner Bryant Youngblood, talked about their new company — Pantheon Innovative Builders — and their plan to build houses with 3D printers.

“Were looking at the challenges that are facing the construction industry. The supply chain issues, the skilled labor force issues,” said Kelly.

“It gives people the idea and the opportunity to create something that’s innovative and new,” said Youngblood.

What does it mean to print a house? A story from CBS News showed a 3D printer building a house in Long Island, New York — its layers of concrete building from the ground up.

Pantheon has its printer ordered and hopes to get started this year.

“The moment the printer is here we’re printing with it,” said Kelly.

Pantheon has also partnered with Ohio State’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence to help with research and education.

“We knew that they can really be of some great assistance as we were trying to build this product and kind of grow this industry,” said Youngblood.

Pantheon will build for anyone but will initially focus on low-income housing in Youngstown.

“The vision and the mission of this started with an idea of rejuvenating the city of Youngtown. That was the whole basis of this thing. As we started digging and started to figure out ways to actually make this happen that’s when this innovative technology came into play,” said Youngblood.

In Austin, Texas, a company used a 3D printer to build a two bedroom, one bathroom home. Kelly says the printer can build 55% of it for half of today’s construction costs. Workers will need to be trained, and codes may need to be changed but Kelly’s confident it will work.

“We could allocate $300 trillion to affordable housing and development and construction right now but we can’t build them. We can’t build them any faster, and that’s why need to invest in the research and development of technology like this to be able to do that,” said Kelly.

Kelly, Youngblood, and Pete Wearsch have invested in the company, and they’re looking for other investors and other ways to raise money. They’ve contacted both Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman which is another reason Ohio State is being used.