NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) — Cleanup continues on the site of a Norfolk Southern train derailment in New Castle. No hazardous chemicals leaked from the train cars and the derailed cars contained only soybeans and paraffin wax.

Crews spent the day working to clean up the tracks at the site of the derailment. The tracks sit on a bridge over the Mahoning River near Montgomery Avenue and Lafayette Street.

The last train car left out of the nine that derailed could be seen removed from the tracks with hefty machinery.

A representative with Norfolk Southern confirmed one of the cars was rerailed and that the rest of the debris will be scrapped in the coming days on-site.

Neighbors who live immediately off the tracks are still processing the accident.

“I feel a little relieved that there were no hazardous materials, but still I’m worried about what happens next time if there is hazardous materials,” said resident Joshua Hutchinson.

Hutchinson owns an auto shop in town and the derailment is impacting his business.

“Pretty scary with all that happening and inconvenience for the customers that live down there they gotta take like half an hour detour,” Hutchinson said.

Another neighbor who lives right off of the tracks felt afraid to go outside after the initial crash.

“I love my hometown. It’s safe, quiet, peaceful. … I wouldn’t want to leave, but that … It’s right there! It was crazy,” Kassady Myers said.

Norfolk Southern says work to repair the damage to the train tracks and bridge will begin immediately.

As of Friday afternoon, the tracks are still closed.