NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Training takes money and education.

The New Castle School of Trades (NCST) has been helping prepare people for a trade since 1945.  It’s getting tremendous support.

Carlos Pimentel received $500 to help him with his industrial electrical maintenance training at the New Castle School Trades Scholarship Day.

“Even if it isn’t a full ride or whatever, anything, you know, it means a lot. Just to be able to know that your hard work is being recognized and paid off, and it’s paying off,” Pimentel said.

 The first Scholarship Day delivered $6,500 in scholarships to 13 students. Wednesday, 49 NCST students received over $124,000.

 Ellwood provided some of the scholarship money. It’s been in business for 100 years.

“We’re trying to make a more conscious effort of getting out there and saying who we are, what we’re all about, and, trying to make sure that we recruit the best employees possible,” said Dena Baptiste, director of human resources at Ellwood.

The trades are as important as ever. College was being pitched for so many years. Now, there’s a shortage of trade workers.

“We have a crazy rate that is a retirement rate. And we need to fill those, and we need people to do that,” Baptiste said.

Trade workers helped build Ultium Cells and the Home Goods warehouse. The future is bright whether it be in HVAC, electrical work, or auto repair.

“Technology is ever evolving, right? So we’re preparing to make sure that we work with these partners of ours to find out what their needs are so we can match our students to their needs, and that’s really what’s happening next,” said Dennis Corrado, director of NCST.

Students needed a 3.5 GPA, attendance over 90%, plus high marks in attitude, appearance and accountability to qualify.