NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) – A new pet pantry has been placed outside the dog park at Cascade Park. The idea came from the North Memorial Animal Hospital and Paw Spa in New Wilmington.

Life Scout John Ditch built the pantry for his Eagle Scout project. It works just like a blessing box, where if people have a surplus of pet supplies they can drop them off and people in need can come pick them up.

Some things to keep in mind, everything must be sealed for safety purposes, they don’t want any half-open cans or bag and be sure it’s not expired.

Otherwise, any type of pet supplies are accepted.

Amanda McGrath, assistant manager of North Memorial Animal Hospital, says anything you would feed to your own pet is safe to put in there.

She says if this location is successful they could add more pantries.

“This is a good spot because it’s a high traffic area with the dog park being here. It’s also really nice because cascade park is letting us use their property and it’s actually under video surveillance,” said McGrath.

McGrath says they thought this would be a very safe spot for the pantry.

And if this location is successful, they could add more pantries. The idea came to be because they saw a need in the community for it.

“Sometimes people just have a rough time getting basic supplies for their pets. And we’ve been wanting to do something like this to kind of give back within the community,” said McGrath.

Where hopefully people in need in the area will come down and pick up supplies as they need them.