New Castle community gathers in Pearson Park for Fourth of July festivities

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Kevin Henry has been coming out to the park for the past 12 years

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Crowds gathered in Pearson Park on Thursday for the Fourth of July festivities.

Kevin Henry has been coming out to the park for the past 12 years, pulling the double duty as CEO of Henry’s Ice Cream and as an all-American dad.

“Just came up here to have some fun with the family and sell some ice cream. It’s an awesome place, good fireworks,” said Henry.

The ice cream and shaved ice are big hits. They keep people cool on the hot holiday.

When it comes to the shaved ice, Jared Maxin of Kona Ice said it is the year of tiger’s blood.

“My most popular flavor would probably be tiger’s blood. That’s a mixture between coconut and strawberry. Kids go crazy over it and then you tell them it’s coconut and they are like, ‘I don’t like coconut,’ but they love tiger’s blood,” Maxin said.

Katrina Ramirez came all the way from Chicago to see family and watch some fireworks.

“I have been bringing my boys here since they were babies. It is just a real clean, very friendly place. I just absolutely love it,” Ramirez said.

The park was all about the fireworks Thursday night. There was also good food, including Grannies’ Kitchen in Grove City.

Beverly Henry battles hereditary blindness, but it does not affect her taste buds or ability to cook up some family favorites.

“I can still see. They told me that I would be completely blind by now, but I can still see. I realized I can still cook, so I cook things that my kids grew up on, things I grew up on. I have grandma’s recipe for my homemade rolls. Grandpa on the other side did his chili sauce, so I have his recipe,” she said.

If you ask people there, this is the best place in the area to celebrate 243 years of freedom.

“There is nothing else like this in the town. There is not much to do in New Castle and this is one place to go to have a good time,” said attendee Mary McDeavitt.

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