New Canfield School Board member shares what he wants in next superintendent

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Most of the school board candidates up for the spot Wednesday night referenced recent problems that resulted in the resignation of Superintendent Alex Geordan

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The Canfield School Board once again has a full five members. After a series of interviews, the board chose Nader Atway to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Charles Olsen.

The decision came after a two-hour interview session conducted by the board and witnessed by the public.

Atway was the only one of the five candidates who couldn’t make it to Wednesday evening’s interview session with the board but in the end, he was selected to fill the spot.

He was away on business so the board had a video chat to bring him into the meeting. But the audio with the video link proved to be a problem, so Atway’s connection became audio only.

At one point, the candidates were asked about open enrollment. It’s not being considered in Canfield, it was just asked to create some discussion.

“I’d ask, ‘What are the statistics on that? What school districts have done it? How have they fared?'” Dr. Dianna Tolen Perrico said.

Atway had something to say on open enrollment as well.

“I would just need to learn more about it as to why we would get to that point to consider open enrollment,” he said. “I think it was mentioned by the other candidates. Are we looking at it and evaluating it because of a fiscal challenge? And then from there, what the pros and cons.”

Atway also talked about what he wants in a new superintendent.

“The first priority is all in and committed to Canfield, and that could be followed up with just the ability to be engaging with not only the staff and administration, but the community and the students as well,” he said.

Most of the candidates referenced the recent problems within the district’s administration that resulted in the resignation of Superintendent Alex Geordan.

“It’s not the drama, it’s not the personal agendas, it’s not dishonesty but it’s about our students,” Matthew Campbell said.

“Now we sit at a crossroads in our district,” Jacquelyn Nohra Duda said. “I fully understand the daunting jobs that lie ahead. We need to hire a new superintendent to lead our district.”

Now that a full school board is in place, next is finding a new superintendent for Canfield. One board member said the process will begin sooner rather than later.

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