YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A thoughtful message can go a long way; that’s the idea behind a new campaign by the Youngstown Flea and We Are a Generation. 

“Believe Youngstown Letter of Love Card Campaign” is what Derrick McDowell, founder of the Youngstown Flea and the non-profit organization We Are a Generation, is calling it. 

“We really just want folks to understand the power of believing in the folks of this community, when we believe that they have value and worth and significance, the wonderful things we can do with that belief,” McDowell said.

McDowell said he wanted to create something where people could send messages of love and hope to others around the holidays.

So, he put together the 8-foot tall mailbox where people could fill out special cards and drop them in.

“Some of the things on the card, they say already, you can check a box, ‘Dear Youngstown, I want you to know that I believe in you, that you are special, that you are cool,’” he said.

McDowell said he decided to do this to help bring positive messages to the residents of Youngstown.

“There aren’t always these huge things that we need to do in order to empower the people of this city; sometimes it’s as simple as someone believing in you,” McDowell said.

The mailbox will be stationed in downtown Youngstown Friday at the Flea on Phelps; then Saturday and Sunday, it will be at the Holiday Flea located at 365 E. Boardman St.

Anyone can fill out a card and just drop it into the mailbox.

Once all the cards are filled out, they will be digitized and put on the Youngstown Flea’s website for all to read. There’s also a link on the website to fill out cards online from now through the end of December.