YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A local man has written his third book in a trilogy about Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.

Sean Posey says he first became interested in the history of Youngstown when he was studying history at Youngstown State University.

“I realized what a great depth of history was here and how important this area was,” said Sean Posey.

His third book, Hidden History of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley,” allows readers to travel back to a time that once was.

“A lot of it is 20th Century history, but a fair amount of it is early 20th Century history. I open up with the Spanish Flu pandemic in the Mahoning Valley, so right away, you’re gonna see a lot of parallels,” he said.

Posey says readers can expect to read about civil rights history and labor history with the steel strikes in the early 1900s.

“Violent, bloody, labor strikes, it will give people an idea of some of the conditions that people had to deal with as far as housing and work goes, and some of the things that people had to fight for,” he said.

Posey said he worked on the book for more than a year. He started around the time the COVID-19 pandemic first hit. 

The book is available to be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and Walmart. It’s also available locally at Mr. Darby’s in Boardman and Barnes and Noble in Boardman.