MAHONING CO., Ohio (WKBN) — As tornado warnings went into effect across the county Sunday evening, some tornado sirens failed to go off.

The Mahoning County Emergency Management Agency shared insight on why the tornado siren systems are failing and what to do if this does happen again.

According to the National Weather Service, tornado sirens are put in place to warn people of severe “life threatening” weather nearby. When a tornado siren goes off, people are signaled to take shelter.

Many people around the county said they did not hear tornado sirens go off yesterday when there were tornado warnings present.

Mahoning County EMA Andy Frost says sirens not working is a major safety concern.

“This is so frustrating to us, no matter what we do — no matter how much money we put in to it the system — just fails constantly on us,” says Frost.

He says this has been an ongoing issue.

The EMA is working with The Federal Emergency Management Agency on maintaining a more functional and reliable system.

“We have a system coming in that will actually hit phones now as opposed to sirens, because the sirens — we just cant trust them,” says Frost.

He says the new system will operate similarly to the Amber Alert system that notifies phones.

“This will be a FEMA-based system. It took about eight to nine months to get through all the paperwork, [but] we are very close,” says Frost.

While the EMA is hopeful the new phone based system will be up and running by the beginning of October, Frost encourages being alert in the meantime.

“Please: When we get bad weather, make sure you are tuned to local channels, because the media have done a great job with this because they know we are kind of in trouble with these sirens,” says Frost.