YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A South Side shooting that left a 6-year-old child in the hospital has neighbors and the community outraged.

“I never heard nothing like that, it’s frequent all the time in this neighborhood, you know you hear gunshots, gunshots, it’s just happening, but I never heard nothing like that,” said Silvester Cox.

Cox has lived in Youngstown his whole life and has lived on Avondale Avenue for years. He said hearing gunshots is nothing new.

“Every day. During the day, during the night. Out of seven days, I would say probably six,” he said.

But, the gunfire that left a 6-year-old child shot early Wednesday morning was something different, and Cox says it’s not ok.

Cox was laying down on the couch when he heard the bullets begin flying.

“It’s this neighborhood, you gonna hear it all the time, but last night was a little bit different. It was a bunch and bunch, it was a lot of gunfire. And it ain’t cool man,” Cox said.

Darlene Haffner Lives on E. Boston Avenue, almost a mile away and says she heard the gunfire all the way from there.

“That’s also what made it very chilling to me, it’s like it was so close. And you know when you hear something like that, somebody’s hurt, and then you hear the sirens come,” Haffner said.

One woman who didn’t want to go on camera said she “was so scared, there were so many shots.”

Another woman wrote on Facebook that she had to shield her two kids who should be starting their first day of school today. 

Cox says with the frequent gunfire, his own house has been hit several times before by crossfire.

“That’s a different one, that’s from a different day. They got them over there, my neighbor got them in her houses,” Cox said as he pointed out the bullet holes left behind.

“There’s a daycare and the playground’s in the back. All day long, it’s full of kids back there, out in the wide open,” Haffner said about a daycare near her home, fearing for the kids in the neighborhood. 

Aaron Poindexter is a mailman in the neighborhood. He says he gets a chance to meet the residents and kids and wants them to see something different.

“I’m not just delivering the mail, I’m being the example, cause a lot of these kids may or may not have somebody to look up to. So at least, for at least the briefest moment of time, I can talk to them. You know, give them dap or something. People need positive role models,” he said.

One thing they all agree on is something needs to be done.

“Right now my age group, we caught up in, do we run, do we stand back and let this happen or do we fight for our community? Or do we just pack up and leave?” Cox said.

As of now, no arrests have been made and the victim was last listed in stable condition. Police are still investigating.