Negative temperatures call for extra maintenance with outside animals

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We’ve been checking in on how people around the Valley are preparing for the negative temperatures we could see next week.

Matthew’s Cattle Company in Canfield is already starting to get prepared.

Farm manager Chad Bailey says temperatures like Friday’s, in the teens, or pushing
30 are normal.

He says when temperatures in the negative it is much harder to deal with. It puts stress on the animals, equipment, and himself.

He normally spends an hour at a time checking on the cattle, but next week he’ll cut it down to 15 minutes at a time to protect himself.

He says he’s already started setting things up to protect the animals.

“The wind chill will be the biggest thing, so we’ll take some added measures to help the cattle deal with that by putting in some windbreaks, put some extra bedding out to help them insulate and stay warm,” he said.

Bailey says another challenge he faces when temperatures are in the negative is making sure
the water for the cows doesn’t freeze.

He says he’ll be busy over the next couple days stacking up extra hay bails and putting in extra bedding to help keep the animals warm.

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