YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The YMCA provided brand-new coats to 175 kids on Sunday.

It’s the fifth year the Terry Rozier Foundation put on the giveaway, and it’s one of its biggest yet.

The foundation collaborated with Puma, City Kids Care and the YMCA to give coats to kids from Youngstown City Schools.

Rozier, an NBA player, was born in Youngstown and wants to support the city’s youth.

“Even though he went to high school in Cleveland, his heart is really in Youngstown and the kids of Youngstown,” says Tom Gacse, president and CEO of YMCA of Youngstown.

Rozier’s sister Tre’Dasia has cerebral palsy, and he’s passionate about helping differently-abled kids.

“When we look at these kids and where we came from, it just really touches our heart — because Terry was one of those kids once upon a time. So it’s just really near and dear to our hearts,” says Gina Tucker, Rozier’s mother and co-founder of the Terry Rozier Foundation.

The foundation plans to hold another giveaway next year.