GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Some residents of Greenville might have heard stories about the Greenville Manor being haunted. The word spread to a man who uses social media to help with ghost hunting. A few weeks ago, he stayed the night there and recorded his stay.

Twenty-three-year-old Kalani Smith is from Nashville, Tennessee. He’s a ghost hunter who, at the age of 11, saw the ghost of a Civil War drummer boy.

“I’m more scared of the living than anything I could run into in these places,” he said.

Smith travels the country investigating haunted locations. He had just finished one in Ohio when he found out about the Greenville Manor.

Smith set up a stay with the owner for him and his cameraman. Out of the four years he’s been doing this, the manor stood out to him.

“I’ve been to a lot of places across the U.S. Quote, unquote, some of the most haunted places you could go to, and Greenville Manor had some of the most activity out of any place I’ve ever been,” Smith said.

He continued, “I had a door slam behind me… I had a camera get ripped off the ceiling when no one else was in the room… All of my equipment essentially went off during the night.”

All while it was just him and his cameraman in the house. It all happened on the third floor, where Smith said the energy from the spirits was the strongest.

“My camera guy was ready to retire after Greenville Manor,” Smith said.

Smith says he doesn’t believe any of the spirits are demonic. Instead, they were having some fun.

“When I went back up there by myself after he [the cameraman] was done, it was almost like, whatever was there communicating with me, through my equipment, was laughing with me about scaring my camera guy,” Smith said.

Smith says smaller locations that don’t get investigated as much give more activity, as if the spirits are curious about who is visiting them. He also says his goofy style of ghost hunting helps bring out activity compared to common cable shows.

“You know, ‘What’s your name, why you here?’ It’s the same thing over and over again and I think that variety has gotten me so much more activity because there’s an energy being put out there and it’s almost like, ‘We like this guy,'” Smith said.

Smith says he did get a good night’s sleep inside of the manor and his cameraman stayed with him too.

He also said he might try to come back to the Greenville Manor and do another investigation.

If you’re interested in following Smith, check out his TikTok and YouTube pages, both under the name “Kalani Ghost Hunter.”