(WKBN) — Even before Thursday’s shooting incident at the Lowellville Schools authorities have had a history of working together.

“We have really good working relationships with federal, state and our local law enforcement agencies,” said Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene.

Officers from nearly every department in Mahoning County, including about two dozen Sheriff’s Deputies, as well as members from a number of Task Force Units and several departments in neighboring Trumbull County, swarmed the campus within minutes of getting the call for help.

“The response time was excellent. When calls like that go out, active shooter calls go out, people come from everywhere,” said Greene.

Even after authorities realized there was no “active shooter,” the extra manpower was still needed.

“We still have to preserve the scene or the crime scene. We have, you know, to deal with the students, faculty, staff. There was a lot of moving parts,” said Greene.

Police and school officials had held an active shooter exercise there Thursday morning. The sheriff said the practice can only get you so far.

Even Lowellville’s Chief said Thursday the drills prepare authorities for the real thing.

“You know, there’s no way that you can prepare for a situation like this. However, we were as prepared as we could be,” said Chief Rick Alli.

“Obviously we are surprised that it happened. It’s so unfortunate that it happened, but it’s always better to be prepared through training,” said Greene.

For whenever “next time” happens.