YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The pain at the pump continues as gas prices hit record highs. businesses that rely on gas to perform their job are feeling the effects.

Moving companies are one example. They are increasing fees to offset the cost of fuel or just turning down jobs altogether.

Full Faith Moving Services out of Youngstown is increasing its prices by about $15 to $20 per hour.

“Before in our 16-foot trucks, we were spending about $85. Now, it’s up to about $130 to fill up,” said Michael Jones, vice president of Full Faith Moving.

Jones said they typically only a day’s use out of a full tank of gas, so they are constantly spending money on gas. It’s a lot since they are moving people all over. They have crews in Pittsburgh almost every day, which usually requires three vehicles and six of their workers.

“It’s an hour’s drive. It’s at least $40 to get there without tolls and then you still have to come back and pay your crew. It’s been very challenging,” he said.

It’s been especially tough trying to maintain reasonable prices for customers, while also profiting as a business and taking care of their employees. Jones said they had to find creative ways to save money by doing things like keeping their vehicles up to date and planning trips more strategically.

“We’re here to provide a service, so we want to still treat our customers fair and we’re not trying to make a million dollars off of them,” Jones said.