Motorcyclist says grass clippings pose a danger on roadways

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COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – For riders like James Pantalone, motorcycles provide a welcome escape. 

“It’s away from work. Certainly, everyone needs a hobby and something to get away from things and clear your mind,” he said.   

But during summer, he and other members of the Axemen MC watch out a particular hazard — grass clippings.

“It’s very slippery. Certainly, we’re on two wheels compared to four, so the stability right off the bat is a little bit different, and we’re always adjusting to road conditions,” Pantalone said. “Just like a wet road can be a concern, those grass clippings in the roadway can really get your back end loose and can definitely be an accident waiting to happen.” 

Throwing grass clippings into the road is illegal, and in many towns, it will earn you a ticket. 

Many police departments are warning that tickets will be issued this summer.

“We’ve given some warnings because when the grass is really high and you blow it all out into the road, it’s a real mess,” said Columbiana Police Chief Tim Gladis. 

Plus, that mess heads right to the storm drains. 

“When the rains come, they’ll wash down the storm sewers and they’ll flood those,” Gladis said. 

There’s a very easy way to get out of this ticket, however.

“If you can mow away from the street, just point the discharge chute when you’re mowing near there and you’ll avoid that problem,” he said.

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