BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – The weather is looking beautiful and it appears to be staying that way. So, now would be a perfect time to break out the motorcycle, but you’re going to want to remember a few things before heading out.

As excited as you may be to get out on your motorcycle, others may have forgotten about the two-wheel machine over the winter.

“Always ride as if people are not going to see you. Operate under that assumption and always play ‘what if?'” said Paul Gains, a former instructor for motorcycle training.

Gains says to have an escape plan for different situations to protect you from other drivers. Sometimes though, it could be the roads you need to watch out for.

“Once spring rolls around and it starts to get a little warmer out, there’s an extra amount of gravel, especially in the intersections. So always be careful when you’re slowing down,” said Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene.

Also, be aware of something we are used to seeing in Northeast Ohio.

“Potholes. At this time of year, when you have a mild winter like we did, they may not be as bad,” Sheriff Greene said.

There are two courses you can go through, Motorcycle Ohio and Harley Davidson Riding Academy. If you’re looking to start riding for the first time, the basic course is broken up into a four-hour class setting and 12 hours on the bike. Helmets and motorcycles are provided.

“For those who don’t know if they want to ride a motorcycle or not, it will give them a great introduction to it,” Gains said.

The second course is for returning riders. Bikes and helmets are also provided.

“Which is designed for those people who know how to ride a motorcycle. Maybe they’ve been riding for over a year on a permit,” Gains said.

There’s also a third course, which is Basic Rider Skills 2.

“You use your own motorcycle and it’s design yourself with your motorcycle,” Gains said.

Gains says if you complete either the Returning Riders course or the Basic Rider Skills 2, you will receive your motorcycle endorsement. The difference between that and the permit is you can do things such as riding with a passenger and riding at night.

For more information on the courses, visit the website of the Ohio Traffic Safety Office.