Mother seeks answers in son’s hit-and-run case in Youngstown

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Douglas “DJ” Schultz was hit from behind by a car on August 5 at the intersection of W. Indianola and Hudson avenues

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A mother is looking for anyone with information regarding a hit-and-run involving her son to contact the Youngstown police. 

Douglas “DJ” Schultz was hit from behind by a car on August 5 at the intersection of W. Indianola and Hudson avenues. 

“He’s alive, and I’m thankful for that,” his mother Jamie Jones said. “He’s had several surgeries already, is going to require a few more, if not more than a few, and we are waiting to try to see if we can get him transferred to in-patient, long-term, physical rehabilitation because he’s going to have to learn to walk all over again. And he’s going to have to learn to rerun his whole right side.” 

Schultz was hit around 2 a.m. His mother said he was standing in between the sidewalk and the road when he was struck. 

She said people living nearby heard him in the road and called 911. He was then taken to the hospital and put immediately into surgery. 

Jones is asking anyone with information or camera footage to contact the Youngstown Police Department. 

“It was right on the corner of a main intersection; there’s got to be somebody that has a camera somewhere,” Jones said. “There’s nobody on God’s green earth, I don’t care what kind of human they are, deserves this.” 

Schultz’s mother has been able to talk with her son and learned his back and legs were severely injured. 

“He’s struggling with it right now,” she said. “He’s obviously, emotionally, having a hard time, but physically as well.” 

She said it’s difficult because she is stuck in South Carolina and is not in position to travel and can’t risk catching the coronavirus or anything else that could be lingering in a hospital. 

“That makes it extremely hard. He is my son…nothing worse than feeling totally defeated,” Jamie said. 

She has been in contact with Youngstown police, and she said they assured her that they are doing what they can. 

“It was dark; they don’t have any witnesses really,” she said. “They’re saying there was no debris from the car, so it’s hard for them to even try to match anything up.” 

Jones said she is hurt, frustrated and scared and wishes someone would come forward with information to help the police. 

“Walk a mile in my shoes, or think if it was someone in your family. What kind of justice would you want done?” she said. “I want what’s right, I want what’s fair… he’s 29 years old, this is his life. He just had a baby in May.” 

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