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Mother of five children who died in Youngstown fire speaks out publicly for the first time

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It’s been two months since a house fire killed five children on Parkcliff Avenue.

9-year-old Aleysha Rosario, 3-year-old Charles Gunn, 2-year-old Ly’Asia Gunn and 1-year-old twins Brianna and Arianna Negron lost their lives that tragic day.

Since then, the community has come together to rally around the mother America Negron who was also in the fire.

The world has been waiting to hear Negron speak and 27 First News Reporter Noah Daniels-Wilder has that Exclusive interview.

“I feel like I’m already in hell, I feel like I’m burning,” America Negron said. “I feel like it’s nothing worse than living this hell. Living without my babies.”

Emotions from a mother trying to cope.

“I feel like I’ll burn forever,” she said. “The pain that I just feel right now is too much.”

This is the first time ever America has spoken out since the tragic fire.

“You think I didn’t think about not jumping out the window? You think I didn’t, I wanted to jump out the window and leave my babies there? But if I don’t jump out the window, I can’t find my phone, everything is pitch black I can barely breath, nobody’s going to find us. I’m going to die trying to help them and I can’t help them,” she said.

Her kids may be gone, but they’re the reason she’s still fighting to survive this tragic fire.

“Because I know if I take my life away then I’ll never see them again,” she said.

Even though America has support from her family and the community, it’s still hard.

“A lot of people say oh you’re so strong, I don’t feel so strong,” she said.

“Some days I wake up and I want to disappear and don’t want to fight. Yes, that happens too,” she said.

But she doesn’t let that pain and despair sit in her mind.

“It’s not going to happen because that’s what the world is expecting me to do,” she said.

It’s because of her kids

“I’ll never see them again until God decides to take me to heaven,” she said.

She tells everyone how much she loves them

“Because we never know when we won’t have them anymore,” she said.

Later this week, we will tell America’s story of what she says happened that night and how the fundraising has helped her.

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