More updates coming to Firestone Park renovation

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The restoration is a $3 million project

The restoration project at Firestone Park in Columbiana County broke ground last year on the multimillion-dollar project.

Some major updates already happened, committee leaders say they’re not done yet.

This park is undergoing different phases of restoration. It’s part of the Columbiana Restoration Committee’s plan to get this park back to the glory it once had.

Just last year the park saw it’s 150th anniversary, and that’s when the restoration project got underway.

During this past year, they’ve made Mirror Lake deeper, adding new water features and built a memorial to the Firestone Family.

The monument features three pillars, one for each Firestone family member and their good friends.

The monument will be the centerpiece for the dedication ceremony this weekend.

Committee members say remembering the family and what they did for the community is essential to the whole project.

“It’s a legacy for our town to keep it in wonderful shape as an homage to him for making us a special little town,” said Pat Tingle, member of the Columbiana Restoration Committee.

On top of returning the lake back to perfect condition, there are many other plans for this park. The first is the redoing of the sports courts. a grant through the Ohio Department of Transportation will help to redo all of the gutters and systems in and around the park.

Coming up this summer, the committee overseeing the project hired a developer to redo all of the landscaping of the park.

“This is a beautiful park. We are doing wonderful things, and we are getting a lot of wonderful comment from people in the community saying how much it’s appreciated,” Tingle said. “I think it’s helped them renew their understanding of the legacy of Firestone Park.”

When the park is finished, over $3 million will have been invested in the project.

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