VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) — Trumbull County humane agents are investigating after more than three dozen animals of various species were removed from two mobile homes in Fowler. The animals were seized from the trailers on North Quail Street Friday and Wednesday.

Humane agents were back on North Quail Street in Fowler, this time joined by Trumbull County Sheriff’s deputies serving a search warrant at a mobile home in connection to an animal cruelty investigation.

Animal Welfare League CEO Lori Shandor said 13 cats, five ferrets and two dogs were removed.

“They looked like they weren’t taken very well care of at all, to be honest with you,” said Zachery Baumgardner who lives nearby.

It’s the second seizure related to the same investigation in less than a week at the same mobile home park where 19 animals including snakes, bearded dragons, doves, cats and dogs were removed from a different trailer Friday.

The agent was checking on someone’s complaint about a smell and concern for animals spotted in the windows. Investigators said the occupant let a humane agent inside who found the animals were living in squalor.

“Pretty bad situation very unclean living conditions very strong odor which of course is not good for animals,” said Shandor.

“The floor was buckling under our feet in the kitchen from urine, what we assume is cat urine,” said humane agent Diane King.

Humane agents said charges related to animal cruelty and neglect are pending in the case.

“Part of the reason for that and the sentencing outcome that we seek should the judge rule in our favor is a mental health assessment for the owners of the animals. So we can get them the care that they need as well as the animals,” said King.

Although overall the animals removed from the first mobile home are doing pretty well, Shandor said they are addressing some health issues and monitoring the cats.