More pollen means more allergies, this weekend we’ll see higher levels

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Pollen levels are expected to rise this weekend, and with it may come some seasonal allergies.

Meteorologist Alex George explained the pollen forecast for the next several days. 

Although the rain will help keep the levels lower on Friday and Saturday, Sunday will be a dry day which means more pollen in the air.

“If it’s windy out and it’s dry, all that means is that stuff’s gonna be flying throughout the air,” said allergist Dr. Asif Khan.

Certain times of the year and certain areas are more prone to higher pollen levels.

“This whole area has many, many types of trees. That’s why people have tree allergies in this area,” Dr. Khan said.

Trees produce pollen, but there are other sources as well. Dr. Khan says grass pollen tends to be a big contributor when it comes to allergies.

“The problem is the tree season is creeping over into the grass season. So, what you’re having is, sort of a higher amount of pollen in the air, it’s like a double whammy kind of thing. It’s both trees and grass pollen,” he said.

If you haven’t experienced allergies before, there are some symptoms to look out for.

“Your ears will feel congested, your sinuses will feel full inside your face and your forehead, you’ll have headaches,” Dr. Khan said.

He also says often times people confuse allergies with asthma, since it can cause breathing problems.

Over the counter medicines are a good way to treat allergies. However, if the medicines don’t seem to work it’s best to see a doctor.

There are also other preventative measures to take such as wearing a mask when cutting the grass or doing yard work. 

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