Monday marks 1 year since heavy rains flooded Kinsman

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The dam was never repaired

KINSMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Monday marks one year since heavy rain washed out a dozen roads and bridges in one Trumbull County community.

Kinsman resident Mike Buck says some people are still recovering.

“It’s never going to be the same as was but it is what it is now and we’re just trying to do the best as we can with what we have now,” he said.

Buck wasn’t home when water flooded his neighborhood one year ago.

Fifty-five people who live downstream woke up to their houses surrounded by water with no way to get out. It took three months before the road to their homes could be rebuilt.

Buck said he learned about the damage to roads, the causeway and homes on Facebook.

“It was pretty disheartening to see. I know the water levels got high before but to get that high to erode and breach through the causeway, that was something to see,” he said.

Buck said the flood left some minor damage to his home but his neighbors weren’t as lucky — one wasn’t ever able to move back in.

“We had water come up to our yard and we got three or four inches in our basement. But across the street, they had a lot of renovation to do. One neighbor, his father lost his whole house because of it. He had water throughout the whole house and he can’t live in it anymore,” Buck said.

Other neighbors we spoke to did not want to go on camera. One said he was considering moving because the lake is gone. However, they all agreed that things are a little different now, but the community’s bond is a lot tighter.

“We’ve all kind of come to know each other a little bit better than we knew some of the people back there, but it’s never going to be the same as it was,” Buck said.

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