POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — Molnar Farms in Poland opened its farmers market for the season this week.

The farmers market has a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. Many people have been coming to the shop hopeful to buy their seasonal strawberries.

Molnar Farms says their strawberries will be ready soon, hopefully sometime next week.

The farm says the heat is helping the strawberries ripen and the fields get irrigated when it’s dry.

Their fresh corn will be ready in mid-July.

“We love sharing our fresh, local food with everyone. There’s something special about the strawberries the day they are picked, the sweet corn that we grow, it’s a variety that’s not very common around here, and it’s very much beloved by our customers,” Virginia Molnar said.

Toward the end of July and early August, the farm will have peppers and tomatoes during its peak season.