NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) — Lawrence County Prosecutor Joshua Lamacusa said Friday the investigation into hazing allegations within the Mowhawk football program has resulted in pending charges.

Three juveniles are alleged to have committed acts of abuse against five victims — all members of the varsity football team.

The alleged abuse happened on Aug. 17 in the equipment and utility room on school property between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m., Lamacusa said.

Lamacusa said rumors of sexual abuse are “unfounded” and charges will be filed “in the coming days.”

Specifics of the allegations and the identities of those involved will not be released as all parties are juveniles, Lamacusa said.

The Mohawk School District Administration issued a release addressing the hazing allegations.

According to a press release, when the administration learned of the allegations, they immediately contacted the County Children and Youth Service and the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office. 

These agencies both launched investigations and said, “the primary concerns of ensuring student safety and determining what really happened justified the time and attention involved.”

The results of the investigation, according to the press release, found the allegations were “not part of an institutional practice and had not occurred previously…The conduct was limited to a small number of individual players and no adults had preexisting knowledge of any hazing…The District Attorney has specifically found that many of the rumors which have been circulating are unfounded.”

The district described the incident as “disturbing and unacceptable” and “not a part of the district’s culture and appropriate parties have been and will be held accountable.”

The district said it has offered counseling and other resources to the students involved and had an NCAA anti-hazing assembly on Aug. 31.

Friday, the district announced they believe it’s safe to continue with the varsity football schedule.

Patty Coller contributed to this report.