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Mistrial declared in Youngstown bar shooting case

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A mistrial has been declared in the case of a Youngstown man charged with murder.

After two days of deliberating, the jury remained deadlocked on a verdict for Johnny Wallace, III.

He was accused of the November shooting which killed Colin Brown.

According to prosecutors, witnesses said the defendant and victim were seen together in the restroom at the Last Call Bar on South Avenue just before hearing gunshots.

The defense argued that no one actually witnessed the crime.

Investigators said Wallace and Brown knew each other.

Mahoning County Prosecutors say they will re-try Wallace, even though jurors were unable to reach a verdict Friday afternoon. and friends of the victim said they were disappointed and angry by the hung jury.

“I do believe that the majority was guilty. There was, I’m not sure how many that said ‘not guilty,’ but the majority was ‘guilty.’ So I believe if we go through this again, justice will prevail,” said April Bro, Brown’s sister.

Wallace’s attorney said the jury simply had too many questions that had not been fulled answered.

“Obviously there’s jurors that agreed. They were not able to make a finding of ‘guilt’ and speaking with the jury, there were a lot of questions that they had. This wasn’t the case of one person holding out, It was very many of the jury. Jurors that all had questions about the evidence in this case,” Attorney Tony Meranto said.

For now, Wallace who’s been behind bars since last November, remains jailed on a $1 million bond.

Judge Lou D’Apolito says he’ll hold a hearing later this month to determine whether or not to leave that in place.

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