Minivan breaks tree’s fall, saving Beaver Twp. house

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The people who live at the house in Woodworth said cars can be replaced -- they're just glad no one was hurt

BEAVER TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – The Beaver Township area experienced some of the hardest rain Sunday evening. For one family, a minivan saved them from even more damage.

“Really didn’t hear that big of a crash. Just heard a little ‘whoomp’ up against the window like some wind had hit it,” Darrin Mishler said. “Knocked a couple of my wife’s knick-knacks into the kitchen sink so she got up to take a look. She actually saw the tree down first.”

Mishler was just one Woodworth resident who woke up to storm damage Monday morning — again.

“Our van broke most of the fall, thank the good Lord for that, or it would have gone right through the kitchen window and right into the house,” he said.

Mishler’s 2010 Chrysler minivan seems to have saved them from a lot more damage to their two-story brick house.

“It landed on the roof a little bit. Probably totaled the van but we’re thankful that nobody was hurt. Houses and cars can be replaced but people can’t,” he said.

With multiple branches from the fallen tree resting on his house and minivan, Mishler knew it was too big and dangerous a job to do by himself. Baird Tree Service came in and removed it safely.

“Every storm that comes through, we get at least two calls, maybe more,” owner Matt Baird said.

Not only have his crews been busy but Monday, Baird got to work a new piece of equipment.

“We are using our new knuckle boom crane with a grapple saw on it and it worked out perfectly for the application we used it for today,” Baird said. “We had to take a tree off a house and off the car, and we set everything for a crew to come in and clean it up.”

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