Millennials are still interested in buying houses in the Youngstown area. Youngstown, Poland, Boardman and the surrounding areas have been a focal point of the group since 2017. 

The market is on the rise with a 21 percent jump this year in housing prices, according to 

The average cost of a home in Youngstown is $120,000. The monthly payments for a home at that price is cheaper than renting at about $750. 

This makes buying a house a more equitable option if you’re looking to stick around the area long term.

Homes here have what millennials are looking for – affordable and walking or biking distance to shopping restaurants and activities.

Hunter Wells is in his 20s. He came to the area from Central Ohio to play football at YSU. Now, like many others his age, he’s looking to be a homebuyer. While YSU brought him here, he says the nightlife, jobs and up and coming businesses are making him want to stay. 

“The biggest thing is the hospitality here. The food is unreal, so that has kept me around Boardman. I just like that there are all these things around me in that area. You never drive anywhere like five minutes and not have anything to do,” Wells said. 

Proximity to bigger cities like Cleveland and Pittsburgh also make the Youngstown area a sweet spot. 

“I think you are going to see more new construction come into the fold now. It’s been kind of slow, not dead, but slow over the past few years, but I think you are going to see a lot more affordable houses being built a little bit smaller in neighborhoods with smaller lots,” said Richard O’Brien, a realtor with Mayo Realty. 

In the past six years, there have been eight new home constructions in the city. In comparison, Canfield Township has built 196 houses since 2013 and Poland Township has built 90.

Youngstown Councilman Julius Oliver is planning to build a $400,000 home on the city’s south side. 

Youngstown’s senior population is increasing, but they are playing a roll in millennial home buying. As they move on to lower maintenance living, their homes are being sold to a younger population.